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Plugin review: WP Rollback

If a plugin update causes a problem, how do you find out which plugin and how do you rewind to a previous version?

Plugin comparison: Watermarks

I compare plugins for adding watermarks to protect images from unauthorized reuse (aka theft).

plugin icon - CC Child Pages

Plugin review: CC Child Pages

I often want a page containing an automatically generated grid of subsidiary pages, without having to work hard to make it happen.

A new plugin by me

I was working on a website — needed a way to edit the “excerpt” of a page (as opposed to a post), but the theme I was using didn’t let me! So I wrote a very simple plugin to wrassle it into submission. It is now available on this site, free to anyone.

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Plugin review: The Paste

You can paste images directly into a post or page while editing — but the resulting filename in your media library is completely random. Here’s a plugin to let you specify the filename as you paste.

Plugin review: Lightbox for Gallery & Image Block

This provides an essential function that really should be baked into WordPress. When you click to enlarge an image, a modern, professional site doesn’t navigate away from the current page to do that.