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Where are you using this plugin?

This is a table of how to tell whether a particular plugin is actually doing anything useful on your website. This is also helpful for finding all the places you need to switch to an alternate method if replacing it with another plugin.

I’ll update/add as needed. Please comment if I’m missing one you want to see here.

Antispam BeeControls comment spam, so if you allow comments using the built-in WordPress commenting system, you’re using it.
Auto Upload ImagesThis is only used while editing pages, when you paste data that contains embedded image references from other websites.
Broken Link CheckerRuns automatically, so you’re using it if you ever look at the broken links report.
Contact Form 7Search pages/posts for contact-form-7 — the form may be included as a shortcode or a block, but both contain this string.
Content ViewsSearch posts/pages for [pt-view
Disable auto-update Email NotificationsYou are using it to prevent yourself being notified of plugin and theme automatic updates.
Embed Plus for YouTubeSearch posts/pages for embedyt — the video or channel may be included as a shortcode or a block, but both contain this string.
Events ManagerGo to the Events > Events in the dashboard to see whether there are actually any events. If Events appears more than once in the top level of the dashboard you want the one with the shield-shaped icon.
Go to Events > Settings page.
– Under the heading Event List/Archives find the setting for Events page. If this is a real page that exists on your website, see whether there are links to it anywhere, especially in a menu or widget. You may need to find the page in the Pages screen of the dashboard to see what its URL is so you can search pages for any links.
– Likewise for the Locations page under the heading Location List/Archives.
– Likewise for the Categories page under the heading Event Categories.
– Likewise for any pages mentioned under the Other Pages heading.
Export Media LibraryA tool to export media library files, e.g. for manual backup, so not used in normal site operation. No way to tell whether someone occasionally uses it. Delete and see if anyone squawks.
Feeds for YouTubeSearch posts/pages/widgets for youtube-feed
Forget About Shortcode ButtonsSearch pages/posts for fasc-button
Genesis BlocksSearch pages/posts/widgets for wp:genesis-blocks.
Gosign – Masonry Post BlockSearch pages/posts/widgets for wp:gosign
Hide Comment Author LinkThis hides the URL field on the comment form, so you only need it if you allow use of the WordPress commenting system.

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