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Quick Install of My “Essential” Plugins

To save time, I’ve created a list of the plugins I install when creating an author website, which you can install in a single step using my “install list of plugins” plugin. It shows a list of my current top picks for author sites, with information about when it’s appropriate to use them (e.g. a couple are only needed if you allow comments, and there’s no point in installing the book catalog before you have any books out). Select the ones you want, and install them with one click. Deactivate and delete the plugin installer plugin when you’re done. To see the list again, reinstall the latest version from the link above.


If you have the book One-Hour Author Website, don’t use this technique — there’s a better tool for you, described in the book, which installs plugins and also configures them and creates pages and menu items, to let you hit the ground running.


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