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Easy Author Websites

Everything here is free and without advertising. If you’d like to give something back for the value you receive here, you might consider buying and reviewing my (fiction) books.

The Torknado Project has a mission: enabling authors to create professional-looking no-code websites themselves, easily and on a budget. There’s lots of free information here about WordPress, and tools you may find helpful. My goal is “good enough” websites you can create for yourself, based on a platform that lets you refine and grow the site as your needs change.

Peruse the list of Reference Websites for examples of what you’ll create The Torknado Way. Some were made by me, Tyler Tork, others by their owners following my instructions.

Reference websites

Why you need a website

Even if you’re just starting out, a place to build a following and let people know how to get in touch with you, is essential. If lightning strikes, you need to already have this in place.

Step by step instructions

Cover: One-Hour Author Website

Besides lots of useful blog entries and resource pages, this site hosts the book One-Hour Author Website, which organizes the information into a step-by-step checklist to go from zero to website.

There is a setup tool here to automatically create the webpages and menu items you’ll need on your site (unless you prefer to do it manually). The book is kept up to date as the technology changes, so you always have the most recent information.

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