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Plugin review: iThemes Security

WordPress is a secure platform. If you keep your themes and plugins up to date, and you have a good password, you’re most of the way there. However, it’s nice to have a little extra security. Security plugins will do the following for you:

  • Look for patterns of suspicious activity, and shut them down.
  • Block paths hacker bots use to poke around the back your site trying the door handles to see whether anything’s unlocked.
  • Dlock off unused features that may present a risk.
  • Share information with other websites about known hacker bot addresses.

There are several decent security plugins. I use iThemes Security by iThemes mainly because I’m most familiar with it. If someone else likes another one better, I’m not arguing. It’s wise to do something about security, and this is one tool I know works well.

After you install this plugin, there’s a “Security Check” function in the settings that does several things that you probably do want to do. Click that button, then look through the other settings to see what else might suit your particular circumstances.


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