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Post-Read Pages

For authors who have their own websites, this is a way to leverage the site to engage readers, to encourage additional sales and reviews.

When someone has just finished reading one of your books, assuming they enjoyed it, that’s the perfect time to invite them to do something for you. Ask for a review, suggest they buy your other books, or offer to put them on your mailing list to be advised of future publications.

If it’s an e-book, it can contain a link at the end; e-readers are web capable. Make the link be to a page on your site that you want the reader to visit after they read THE END. If it’s not an e-book, you can still print a link and/or a QR code.

What do you link them to? It could just be an individual book page (perhaps for the next book in the series), or your front page. Or you can create a specific follow-up page for each book.

Page titled "thanks for reading (book title)"

It wouldn’t be possible to navigate to this page through your menu, and use the Search Exclude plugin and the Yoast no-robots setting to prevent them finding the page in search results. This page is only for people who completed a specific book.

Another place to put a link is in the front of the book, to the book’s page on and/or, suggesting they go there to let folks know they’re reading it. However, since you don’t know this URL before you publish, use the plugin Redirection to enter a URL on your own site, which you later make point to the Goodreads page via your dashboard.


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