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Change of Plan

My publisher and I have mutually decided their production process isn’t fast enough to accommodate the frequent updates a book such as One Hour Author Website will require. So I’m planning to deliver the content in another way, probably online on this website, with some sort of payment.

This book is one place I save how-to information for my own reference, so it’ll be up to date with latest developments and new things I learn about.

I’d like folks to weigh in on what model would work best for you.

I could create course modules out of it, and establish a price for the “bundle” representing the whole book, or a la carte. This lets you pick and choose, but may be frustrating since the book contains a lot of cross-references which may then point to modules not purchased.

I could set up a subscription service where your membership buys you access to all content for a limited term, say one year. This makes it easier to navigate, and would include future content which might be of use. A brief free trial — say one week — might be possible.

Or I could hear your suggestions.


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