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New Hosting Provider Recommendation

A trusted associate recently recommended a new website hosting company to me, so I checked them out. They look good, and we’re planning to transfer the website of an organization I work with to them in the near future, mainly because they’re more in line with the organization’s values.

The hosting company is, and the selling point is environmentalism. The company advertises that they’re carbon-negative and add more sustainable energy to the power grid than they consume.

NOTE: the above is an affiliate link, so if you use it to buy hosting service, they’ll send me some money, not sure how much. My recommendations are based on whether I think the service is any good — everyone has an affiliate program.

That’s all well and good, but I wanted to make sure they also satisfied my other criteria for recommending a provider. Specifically that they have:

  • Domain registration also (just to make things easier)
  • Reasonable prices
  • Good support
  • Free SSL certificates*
  • Decent security
  • A user-friendly administrative interface.

I had a chat with them to satisfy myself as to these points, and they’re looking pretty good. The prices are in line with the other services I’ve recommended, and their representative was knowledgeable and articulate. If you have multiple websites, they’re kept separate, which is easier and more secure (if one site gets hacked, it doesn’t give the hackers access to mess with the other sites).

One point I “ding” them for is that their admin UI is the older cPanel interface, with a bunch of icons for various functions, rather than a more modern and user-friendly menu organization. CPanel isn’t horrible, it just isn’t the best, and if you’re fairly non-technical, may be a little more challenging. (They aren’t alone in this — DreamHost is also behind the times.)

Depending on your values, the eco-friendliness may outweigh this consideration. So, presented for your consideration.

* SSL is an obsolete, less secure protocol which isn’t used much anymore. TLS is the modern version. However, SSL has been around for so long that the term is often used to refer to both protocols.


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